Opening hours



     10 am – 6 pm



   Sa/Su/Bank Holidays

   Closed Mondays and 24 Dec.

     10 am – 4 pm

     10 am – 5 pm


The last Planetarium Show begins 45 minutes before closing time.


Findspot of the Sky Disc and Observation Tower

The area of the findspot on Mittelberg hill is freely accessible at all times.



There are no toilets on Mittelberg hill.



7.50 €

/ 9.50 € *

Reduced rate
School students from age 6-16, students to age 26, trainees and apprentices, recipients of social welfare and ALGII, visitors with handicaps (free entry for a person accompanying a handicapped person)

4.00 €

/ 5.50 € *

Groups of 12 or more
(per person)

6.50 €

/ 8.00 € *

School students and children in after-school activities and summer camps visiting as a class/group
(per person)
Free admission for 2 accompanying persons per group

1.50 €

/ 3.00 € *

(2 adults + up to 4 children)

16.00 €

/ 20.00 € *


*Why are there two different ticket prices?

In the Nebra Ark there are three exhibition areas:
1.  the permanent display on the history of the Nebra Sky Disc,
2.  the Planetarium, showing the astronomical significance of the Sky Disc,
3.  special displays on changing topics

During the special displays, all tickets are priced at the higher, combined ticket rate.
The Planetarium show is included in the ticket for entry to the Nebra Ark.

Audioguides in six languages

International guests will find the main content of the permanent display about the Nebra Sky Disc and all the media points – including the puppet theatre – available completely in six languages: English, French, Spanish, Polish, Japanese and Chinese.

Guests do not have to stick to any prescribed tour but can move freely around the display space and pause wherever they like. At the cash desk the guest chooses a language by dialing a three digit number. In the display, the texts can be called up at will whenever the headphone sign with a number appears.

The Planetarium show has a number, too: if the guest dials this, the text of the film will be played simultaneously in the chosen language. The same applies for the media points in the display – even if you start in the middle, the foreign language version will play at the right point.

Directions to Mittelberg hill and information about the findspot of the Sky Disc are also translated into the same six languages.


Audio Guide to the Nebra Ark (incl. Planetarium): gratis

Audio Guide to the findspot on Mittelberg hill: 2.00 €


If you need a whole set  of audio guides, for example for a group, please inform us of this when you first make a reservation. We shall then be able to ensure that the appropriate number of gadgets are available when you arrive.